ICZ Committees

The ICZ committees occupy a crucial role in assisting Council deliver on its mandate and value proposition. The committees are made up of member company representatives who volunteer their time, knowledge and skills to support ICZ initiatives on behalf of the industry.

Executive Committee (EXCO) The Executive Committee (EXCO) oversees the operations of Council and each member is represented by the Chief Executive Officer of the member company in the committee.

Management & Finance Committee is responsible for the overall management control of the Council’s finances and Secretariat.

Non-Life Advisory Committee provides the link for discussions with the Commissioner of Insurance and Pensions Commission.

Public Relations Committee is responsible for all aspects of stakeholder interaction, brand management, marketing and events management.

Technical Committee provides technical support on all aspects of short term insurance.

Complaints & Compliance Committee attends to general complaints on short term insurance activities and also deals with members who are in breach of Council’s collective agreements.

Motor Insurance Pool Committee controls the Pool that provides short term motor third party insurance to foreign registered vehicles which are from countries that are not in the COMESA region. These insurance cover is issued at the border through ZIMRA, the only official agent.

National Bureau of Zimbabwe Committee is a COMESA Yellow Card representative. The Bureau is responsible for the administration of the Yellow Card Scheme including settlement of third party claims for vehicles from the COMESA region within Zimbabwe.

Special Risks Pool Committee underwrites risks for which cover is not available on the market and classified under “Special Risks” e.g. Security companies Professional Indemnity and Commuter Omnibus Passenger No Fault Personal Accident Cover.

Short Term Liaison Committee discusses matters and influences decisions on common matters and interests between underwriters and Zimbabwe Brokers Association (ZIBA).

Bulawayo Chapter attends to matters relevant to the industry in the Southern region of the country and provides input to Council.

Motor Insurance Bureau Committee deals with the handling uninsured motor claims, for third parties, in line with an agreement with government.

Road Traffic Act Pool Committee is responsible for the management of the Pool that provides motor third party insurance for Zimbabwe registered vehicles using Zimbabwe Roads through ZIMPOST as the official.