Passenger Insurance Q&A

Q: What is Passenger Personal Accident Cover?

A: This is personal accident insurance which covers death or bodily injury to passengers being conveyed in passenger carrying vehicles caused by an accident.

Q: Who should take this cover and why?

A: All owners and operators of Passenger Public Service vehicles operating in Zimbabwe. It is a statutory requirement.

Q: What are the compensation limits in terms of this cover?

A: In terms of passenger personal accident cover the limits are:

Cover Limit
a) Death $2,000
b) Permanent Disablement in accordance Disablement Schedule of the National Social Security Authority
c) Medical or Funeral Expenses as the direct result of the event If the claimant is a me mber of any medical aid
society the insurer will only consider paying the
shortfalls incurred by the claimant.
d) Where the injured person is a child the
compensation payable for death or permanent
disablement is reduced to:
(i) Where the child is six years of age or younger
Where the child is fourteen years of age or
younger but over the age of six years
Q: How is the premium for this cover determined?

A: The standard premium is $15 per passenger per year and the premium is required upfront. The premium can be paid termly (i.e. every 4 months) or on an annual basis.

Q: Where can the cover be purchased?

A: The cover can be purchased by the vehicle owner directly from any operating registered short term insurance company which is a member of the Insurance Council of Zimbabwe.

Q: What is the claiming process in the case of an accident?

A: All claim documentation should be sent to the insurance company which issued the policy by the owners or operators of the vehicle. The claim documents required are the claim form, death certificate, medical invoices, police report, and doctor’s report depending on the nature of the claim.

The insurer in turn submits the claim documentation to the Insurance Council of Zimbabwe for processing.

Q: What are the implications of using a public passenger service vehicle which is not covered to:

(i)The PSV operator?
A: (a) The operator will be in breach of a statutory
requirement. A route authority cannot be
obtained without fulfilling this requirement.
(b) The operator may be liable to prosecution or a
fine by the law enforcement agents.
(ii)The passenger?
A: There is no insurance compensation available
to the passenger or the family of the affected
person(s). In the absence of this cover the
person(s) claiming will have to seek compensation
directly from the operat

Q: What advice do you give to the commuting public in terms of the use of a bus or commuter omnibus?

A: It is important to check that the passenger carrying vehicle has a disc displayed on the windscreen confirming the passenger insurance cover, the details of the insurer that issued the Policy and the period of validity.